2-3D IP

Over the last few years, the development of 2D and 3D resistivity and IP inversion software has revolutionised the way surveys are carried out and interpretated. Recent developments in field equipment design, interpretation software and microcomputer technology, two-dimensional (2D) and even three-dimensional (3D) surveys are now practical geophysical exploration tools for mineral, environmental and engineering investigations. The offset Pole-Dipole array has been developed and offers superior resolution as well as depth of investigation.

Tooronga Resources, in conjunction with Arctan Services have developed a series of survey techniques (32K pdf) and software solutions, to collect, edit, invert and display the results in 3D.

An example of a 3D IP survey, from Copper Hill, NSW, can be seen in Exploration Geophysics Vol.32-Nos 3&4 pp152 (2.3m pdf).

The latest updates on the techniques are given in an ASEG paper-"Resistivity and IP arrays, optimised for data collection and inversion" or contact Bob White (

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